Tips on Saving Money When Hiring a Limo Service

Renting a portland limousine service for all your corporate events and other occasions can be a great idea to fulfill your business traveling needs. If you need a reliable method of transportation to and from the airport, you can easily hire a limo service to get a luxury riding experience.

You can also use the limo service to impress your corporate friends and business clients. However, you might freak out about the cost of hiring a limo service. But don’t worry, as here are some of the best tips that you can follow to save money on a limo rental.

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Don’t Add Snacks And Beverages

If the limo ride isn’t going to be a long journey, you can skip the snacks and beverages to save a great deal of money. Every limo company offers lots of different types of drinks and snacks for your limo ride, but they can increase the overall price of the service considerably. You can instead ask for bottled water. Many services provide bottled water for free, or at a discounted price. This is one way of saving money on your next limo trip.

Book Well in Advance

If you wait too much and hire the limo service at the last minute, you could be charged a premium price for the urgent service. That is why you should book the limo service as far in advance as possible. This allows the limo service provider to plan the route well in advance as well. This way, they might give you a little discount due to an early booking.

Use Your Business Credit Card

You can try paying with your business credit card. Many limo service providers would give you huge discounts of you rent a corporate limo service.