How Reliable Are The Contemporary ECBA Business Analysis Methods?

Business analysis has Long been considered an important element of all industrial decision-making processes. No analytical conclusions could be considered sensible without previous examinations of each the probable outcomes. Thus, to use or not to use business analysis procedures, tools and techniques in a modern business environment has never been a question. It is more a matter of picking a ideal mixture of analysis options to be utilized. But right now – it is very good time to question the very purpose and goals of business analysis as a legitimate business improvement pattern. The international crisis is leaving its mark globally on virtually all the main industries.

It brings up an obvious question If the modern business analysis methods are as ecba certification accurate and reliable as their practitioners and followers claim, why did these methods do not avoid the multiple international failures of billion-dollar jobs and expect the coming of the worldwide emergency early enough to have some preventative actions taken. As an example, if just an investment company could appreciate derogative effect of the international crisis early enough, would not it have a huge competitive advantage over its rivals and consequently endure the crisis unscarred? And if yes, how is it that such blessed companies were few and far between?

Such questions bring Enormous pressure on the company analysis practitioners. After all, BA actions are usually both lengthy and costly. By employing a BA, customers expect to be supplied with a transparent route to a completely predictable approach that guarantee ultimate success by identifying barriers which needs to be overcome and additional development strategies. Whenever, something unpredictable happens, the analysts are readily blamed for a failure to predict the disaster. On the other hand, however precise the analysis is and how positive the market conditions are.

Things seldom go 100% according to this strategy. Some little surprises are unavoidable and they are always going to happen when you expect them . In such cases, BAs could be treated as scapegoats and made answerable for the failures. This paper has not Been written with the objective of protecting BAs from criticism or justifying validity of use of company analysis for a performance improvement technique. Instead, it acknowledges the problems and constraints and attempts to collect an objective summary of the present state and functions of the company analysis methods.

Regardless of the concerns Outlined above, it is rather obvious that there is not any reliable alternative to company analysis! Nobody in the right mind would even think about engaging into a serious business project without planning it carefully . This alone is a reason to employ a BA! Provided that the seller remembers that BA is only a thoughtful analyst as opposed to a God, expectations from the BA’s predictions will stay realistic.