Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Routers

Introducing wireless networking into the home has many benefits for the home user. With the entire roll out of wireless technology allowing high-speed wireless access the take up by producers has increased giving more choices and more reasons to get your home a wireless one. At the core of the home wireless network is the wireless router. There are many wireless routers on the market today and choosing one based purely on cost alone is not the best solution. In the following guide I will talk about a few of the features which may be required when thinking about a wireless router to the home. Before continuing basic knowledge of networking technology and the many speed capabilities of each is necessary.

Wireless Routers

  • Cabled or  Wired Networks Standards and Speeds

The three Chief speeds for wired connections are 10Mb 10 Megabits, 100Mb 100 Megabits and 1GB 1 Gigabit or 1000 Megabits. The rate is measured in megabits per second and the maximum rate for each is 10, 100 and 1000 megabits per second. So as to accomplish the desired connection rate both devices must have a matching network interface to permit connectivity via a suitable network cable. It is worth noting that just CAT5e network cables are capable of 1 GB connections.

  • Types of Wireless Routers

Basically there are two major Kinds of routers, those with modems built-in and people without. Routers without built-in modems will need to be connected to an existing broadband modem to permit connectivity to the net. Both of these groups of routers are divided into two types from the connection types they manage ADSL and Cable UK. The right router type is necessary for the corresponding link type. Before deciding to buy a router with an integrated modem it would be a good idea to seek advice from your Internet Service Provider ISP for compatibility information.

  • Router Capabilities

Most routers have an interface that enables the user to handle the operation and features of the router and you can obtain more help from https://observer.com/2020/09/best-wireless-routers-of-2020-reviews/. Even though the design and features can vary there are a couple of characteristics that are considered a must when choosing a home wireless router.

  • Encryption and Security

When picking a router security should be a top priority. There are some criteria available for securing wireless connections but nothing less than WPA2 ought to be used to prevent unauthorized access to a wireless network or use of a house internet connection. WEP is no longer powerful enough to secure relations. Most good home wireless routers have built-in firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to the community through the net. It is an excellent idea to incorporate this attribute in any router buy.

  • Other features

Wireless routers can include many features based on the level and cost of model purchased. Some additional features can be available and might be needed in certain situations. Individuals working at home might require VPN access to the office and might need a router that is compatible with the company’s network requirements.