Different Ways of Removing a Tree Stump

While a tree service can easily remove any tree from your yard, they’ll charge extra money to remove the left over stump after tree removal. Many homeowners, at this point, consider keeping the tree stump intact in their yard. They probably think, “What bad can a cut little tree stump do to my lawn?”.

This can turn out to be a really bad decision. Shortly after being left behind, a tree stump can start to rot. It can attract every type of insects towards it. The wood eating insects can even attack your house and damage it significantly.

If you’ve changed your mind now, and are looking to get rifle of the tree stump you have in your yard, you can remove it by following different methods.

Here are some of the most popular ways of removing a tree stump.

Using Chemicals

Chemicals can be used to remove a tree stump without much hassle. But depending on the size of the stump, chemical removal can take some time.

Chemical removal of a tree stump can take up to an year to complete because you are leaving the stump to rot. But if you can arrange a drill and chainsaw, this methods becomes very inexpensive.

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Manual Removal

Manual removal is a good choice of you don’t want to use chemicals for stump removal, or don’t want to wait for up to an year for the stump to rot. This method is a bit hard, and can take up to 12 hours of you already have the right tools available.

You can also hire a certified stump and Certified stump and tree removal, Moreno Valley, Moreno Valley service for manual stump removal.

Moreover, you can also burn the stump orgrind it to make it a part of history. Hiring a professional might be your best bet though.