Determining The Value of a Sign

Everyone has their unique interests, so you will find people that are interested in mini train sets, collecting vintage player jerseys, shoes, etc. Once you move towards more niche interests, you will find that a lot of people are interested in things we never considered before, so this can include different types of soda bottles as they evolved, cassettes or editions of a specific book or series, and so on. For the sake of this article, we are limiting the discussion to signs, and there is quite the market for them. If you happen to be interested in buying or selling signs, it is important to know what determines their price to begin with, be it a classic gas sign, a beer company sign, and so on.

  • The exclusivity of the sign plays an important role when it comes to determining its price. If there are known to be very limited numbers of a certain type of sign, that sign will always fetch a higher price.
  • To add to the above point, demand for a certain sign also matters along with its exclusivity. If there is a very high demand for a certain sign and the supply is very limited, then it is very easy for that sign to enter the thousand and above price range.
  • If the material used to make the sign or the design of the sign itself is unique and no longer found, then that also adds to the price point of that sign.
  • Certain types of signs will sell for higher than others, so gas signs, famous alcohol company signs, etc. will sell for higher since the names are more recognizable and can be a part of someone’s collection, and when people collect only a certain type of sign, then they are willing to pay a higher price for a sign that interests them.